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Music Singing Diploma Awards

Many congratulations to the Ariosas and associated singers who have successfully achieved their Music Diplomas

  • ALEXANDER ILES ATCL accompanied by Lisa Mears
  • FRED COOPER LNCM accompanied by Lisa Mears
  • DANIEL DAVES ANCM accompanied by Lisa Mears
  • JOE LYDEN ANCM, accompanied  by Les Ryan
  • CERYS HUGHES ANCM accompanied by Lisa Mears
  • EWAN FORREST ATCL accompanied by Lisa Mears
  • ALEXANDER ILES ANCM accompanied by Lisa Mears
  • ERIN JONES ARSM  accompanied by Lisa Mears
  • ANNA COOPER ARSM accompanied by Lisa Mears
  • MOLLIE THOMAS ANCM  accompanied by Lisa Mears
  • ANWEN PIKE ATCL  accompanist Lisa Mears
  • KEELY MORGAN ATCL accompanist Lisa Mears
  • ANNA COOPER ATCL  accompanist John Quirk 
  • NATALIE REEVE ATCL  ANCM  ATCL (accompanist Hywel Evans)
  • CATRIN HARRIS ATCL accompanist Josh Stokes
  • RACHEL HIGGS ATCL  accompanist Josh Stokes
  • WILLIAM HUNKIN ATCL accompanist Josh Stokes
  • SEAN REES  ATCL  accompanist Josh Stokes
  • CATRIN BYRNE  ATCL accompanist Rob Marshal
  • JOSEPH GORVETT ATCL accompanist Hywel Evans
  • REUBEN NICHOLAS, ATCL accompanist Hywel Evans
  • MAIRWEN KIRK. ATCL accompanist Hywel Evans
  • GARETH PRICE, ATCL accompanist Hywel Evans
  • JONATHAN PADLEY accompanist Lisa Mears 
     (Jon also achieved the LMusTCL  -THEORY of MUSIC DIPLOMA)
                                                                             accompanist Hywel Evans
  • ANNELIESE PICARD  RSCM GOLD MEDAL accompanist Hywel Evans
  • CHARLOTTE JUG, ATCL accompanist Hywel Evans
  • CELINE FORREST,  ATCL accompanist Hywel Evans
  • FIONA BERESFORD,  ATCL accompanist Hywel Evans
  • NATALYA ROMANIW ATCL accompanist Hywel Evans
  • JOE MORGAN ATCL accompanist Hywel Evans
  • NIC DWYER ATCL accompanist Hywel Evans
    • Singers not members of Ariosa
      • Laura Morris ATCL (head of music Penyrheol School)
      • Kanika Lay ATCL (private music teacher)
      • Jonathan Rogers Dip ABRSCM  ( Head of music, Gower College, Swansea).



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